gTove - a virtual gaming tabletop

gTove is a lightweight web application to simulate a virtual tabletop. Multiple maps and standee-style miniatures can be placed on the tabletop, and everyone connected to the same tabletop can see them and move the miniatures around. To make the hosting costs as low as possible and to allow other people to fork the project, Google Drive is used to store shared resources such as the images for miniatures and maps, and data for scenarios.

Browser Support

At the moment, I'm doing my development in Chrome, with occasional tests in Firefox. Other browsers may or may not work at this stage.


You can use gTove directly in your browser now!

The source for gTove is available on GitHub here.

I've created a Discord Server for gTove where people can discuss the application, ask questions and make feature suggestions.

Want more information?

The front page of the GitHub project has more details, including a basic usage guide, and something resembling a roadmap of planned future features.

If you are want to know more about the permissions required by the app, you may want to read gTove's Privacy Statement.